DontWantToBleed from Wouldnt you love to know? haha, im hiding in your closet!
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I'm a big fan of Walking down the runway, people who tell me my flaws (there are so many), wishing I was beautiful, hats, Monster energy drinks, your face, ....old Shakespeare books. F. Scott Fitzgerald novels.
I wanna Move to Venace, be beautiful, go bungee jumping, kiss your face<.< >.> fall in love, fix all my many flaws, lose like 20lbs (I weigh like 105X/) kiss dahvie VANITY kiss Ashley purdy!
Music: Classic rock, screamo, anything hardcore, electronica.
Movies: I'm gonna use this as about me: I don't have alot of friends, online or off, I feel useless sometimes, people hardly notice my exsi
About Me: Hey, I'm Gabee, I'm 17, I'm amazing!! Jkjk of course. I love to talk to people. Errrrr uhh anything else? Just hmu
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