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I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift, Glee, countless Japanese songs, and ROLLAR COASTERS!!! Marshmellows, drawing, singing, being me :D Im addicted to ANIME & MANGA!!! (some fanfic too :D)
I wanna do a LOT of stuff XD
Music: Taylor Swift, Glee, countless Japanese songs, annnnd others :D (copy and paste baby ;D)
Movies: Paul, The Hangover, Scary Movies(with friends and stuffed animal XD), most things with Sandra Bullock, Grown Ups, 2012, Knowing, and many many mannnnny more XD
About Me: Im: 15, Strange, A smart Idiot, A klutz, Lazy, In love with anime, manga, marshmellows, cookie dough, and ETC XD, Random, A bitch to those I deem worthy, a energizer bunny on crack w/ friends, and super shy to strangers. :D Arent I lovable!?
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