kyc from U dont need 2 worry bout it psst... u know im actually at Candyland so see ya there!
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I'm a big fan of Katy Perry,Kesha,Justin Bieber,B.O.B,P!nk,* Cat Dolls,The Beatles,Britney Spears,Rihanna,Lady Gaga ,Brenda Song,La Roux,The Jonas Brothers,Miley Cyrus,Zac Efron,Chris Brown,* King Smith(u dont know him),Vampire Weekend,Myself(duh u)
I wanna be on a magazine,swim with dolphins,street dancer,have all the zhu zhu pets,be a beyblade master,sing with Katy Perry,have my own website,paint something that will freak people out(and i mean FREAK PEOPLE OUT),be wild,or crazy,have a tv show,duh
Music: Paparazzi,Bullet Proof,Mine,Dynamite,Firework,Hot N Cold,You Belong with Me(Yes ME),I Love Rock N Roll,Toxic,Holiday,Just Dance,Sway,ROCK N ROLL,hate R&B,Pop,Nutcracker/Ballet Songs,Airplanes,Firework(i dont care if i already put it),California Girls,Teen
Movies: Tangled,Tron Legacy,Yogi Bear,Shrek Forever After,High School Musical,Harry Potter,Twilight,Eclipse,Despicible Me(Me okay dudes),Clone Wars/Star Wars,Hangover and thats it!Ill be ur BFFs if u give me MESSAGES!Trust me it works with my other BFFs!
About Me: Here are all of my best BFFS forever!Lets see now I have pageant queen ,HONEYROSE,miqueen,peacerocker452,pnd,Ana Filipa,Xcaleb101X ,angelware,aaaaaa,jorden123,jade1234,shaniam10lol,liz123,kayleen,kaiyamarie60lol,xoskittles1223xo,Makhyla123456789
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