madmaddiemoo from Wonderland, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Faerie from Stardust, Hogwarts, your dreams(lol) wherever I want to be
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I'm a big fan of Tacos, Hello Kitty, Frank Iero, Music, Loui Jover, John Waterhouse, monkeys, mermaids (THEY ARE REAL!!!), faeries, pegasus, art, monkeys, owls, peacocks, bats, hedgehogs, Ben Bruce, everything
I wanna to be happy, to fufill my dreams, stop bullying, read books, make my friend happy again, see my favorite cousin, have someone shoulder to cry on, have friends that truly love me, find a cure for cancer
Music: Florence and the Machine, PJ harvey, Pixies,Sonic Youth,Galaxy 500, Greenday, Built to Spill, Nirvana, Radiohead, Leathermouth, Pencey Prep, Frank Iero, Death Spell, Asking Alexandria, Lady GaGa, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Amanda Palmer, etc.
Movies: Juno, The Yellow Submarine, Never Ending Story, The Dark Crystal, Alice in Wonderland (cartoon, 2011, 1999, and 1933 version) anything don't really watch movies
About Me: Life has taken a turn. Friends abandoned me. Boys are scared of me. I don't even care anymore. Someone asked me what I would define myself as and I said I don't know. All I know is that stupid people are ruining my life. Or i am ruining myself
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