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I'm a big fan of selena gomez, fanfiction,TOKYO MEW MEW! *and other stuff*
I wanna go to japan, have a japanese themed bedroom, talk to animals
Music: happi happi, the gift of a friend, firework, evacuate the dance floor, fire burning,onley girl in the world,the club can't handle me,tik tok, a thousand miles,at the beginnig, love story,how to belive
Movies: ponyo,my neighbor totoro,spirited away, the last airbender, nausicca and the valley of the wind,kikis delivery service,megamind,mulan,mulan2, wizard of oz,return to oz
About Me: I have 4 BFF's.1 of them is (puppy4668101) I love animals my fav animals r lions but i luv all the animals!! =';'= and i really like the manga book the big adventures of majoko I also like the mangas yotsubato and chocomimi + i love fanfiction!!! :)
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