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I'm a big fan of My iPod touchh,my sisterr,my fam,my buddiez,cake,fries,my laptop,cupcakes,chris brown,plies,nicki minaj,invader zimm! bluhh
I wanna The Nite Is My Cover,The Day My Disguise,But I Jus Cant Escape,From Wonderin,Judgemental Eyes.Theyre Always Watchin & Waitin,For that Moment When U Turn Ur Head,It Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable,While Im Lyin In Mi Bed.I Shouldnt Leave My House.Cuz they are
Music: If Im Dead & In The Grave Will U Still Love Me?If I Look Up,will I See Flowers U Left Me?When The Worms Begin 2 Feed Again,It Feels Like When U Loved Me.When Decay Becomes Mi Closet Friend,Will U Be Thinkin Ov Me?...
Movies: ...I Feel So Alone Since Those Days R Gone When I Wlked In The Sun.I Gave Up My Chance In The Darkness,I Chant While Holdin My Gun.If I Knocked On Ur Door,Will I Be Welcomed In?Wuld U Be Willin 2 Forgive My Mortal Sin?I Finally Escaped The Whispers & Lies
About Me: WeLl KiSs My Ass Bitch.HAE.MY name Is LayLa.Im Emo/Scene/Skateboarder chicK/WeirDd/RandoMm. I'M SiNgLe AnD LooKiNG fOr THe rIghT11/... AdD mEhH. I"m" -16-.@ I Havee Ay Twin Sistear *xkissMyAssTwinx*! -Layla bitch*
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