avril123 from ‚ô§Chicago,illinois ♠KoriWontBeLoved is he best Captain and great friend I ever met! ^u^ so add him!!
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I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp,SHINee,2NE1,Homestuck,Tokio Hotel,Cinema Bizarre,30 Second To Mars,flyleaf,Big Bang,Avril lavinge,lady gaga,G-dragon,big time rush, anime,B.A.P,Block B,K-pop,Skrillex,Add Soccerprincess she is really AWESOME!
I wanna designer,chef,artist
Music: the kill,cruella de vil,strange,scream,a beautiful lie,shake it up,kiss and tell,red light,who's that chick,walk in air,love and death,love is dead,written in the star,heartbreaker,she's gone,pass out,dumb love,letting go,party all night
Movies: The Lovely Bone,Alice In Wonderland,Disater Movie,Ghost Adventure,Katekyou Hitman Reborn,pokemon,bleach,Red,little focker,all the sherk movie,super 8,Too Cute,Cats 101,Dogs 101
About Me: Hey! If you want to talk to me, please, if you like, you can make a profile in this website: Kidzworld.com : and talk to me there because I won't be here to much. My username is right below here: http://www.kidzworld.com/profile/blackheartkiller

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